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Shop for Top Quality Plantation Shutters Camden and Window Installation in Cherry Hill

When you’re looking to dress up your windows and breathe new life into any room, top quality shutters by Trend Interiors is your ideal choice.
At Trend Interiors, serving the areas of Cherry Hill, Medford, and Mount Laurel, we offer a wide variety of window shutters. These include plantation shutters, wood shutters, vinyl shutters, and many more.
Whatever your taste and style, our window decorating experts can help you find the window shutters to suit your home or office décor and budget.

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What Are the Best Uses of Window Shutters?

Window shutters are stable window coverings that consist of a frame and either vertical slats or horizontal rails. There are many reasons for using shutters for your home, office, or outdoor space. For instance, you might want to install window shutters to keep out the sunlight, provide privacy, or even to bolster security.
Shutters can also be used to keep out inclement weather and can be great for protecting your home.
Many home and business owners prefer shutters for their stability, but also for their aesthetic qualities. Depending on the style and type of shutters you opt for, shutters can be used to dress up your kitchen, bathroom, office, or outdoor building. Some homes and offices even use door shutters.
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The Benefits of Shutters

If you’re not sure whether to choose window blinds, shades, or window shutters, here are a few points that might interest you. Here are all the reasons many of our customers enjoy window shutters for their homes, offices, and outdoor spaces.


Durable and Easy to Maintain

Because window shutters are sturdier than many blinds and shades, they tend to stay looking and functioning at their best for long into the future. When the slats can’t be bent and there’s no raising and lowering, you won’t have any of the bending or breakage that you can experience with some other window treatments. Window shutters, on the other hand, are versatile, easy to clean, and a great investment for the improvement of your home.

Plantation Shutters

Long-Lasting and Look Fantastic

You don’t have to worry about your window shutters fading or losing their luster for years after purchase. That’s because the materials used to construct many window blinds are made to withstand abuse and the elements. Both wood and vinyl shutters can stand out in any room, even after heavy use.

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Keep Bad Weather at Bay

Many home and business owners appreciate how window shutters can be closed to keep out the sun and even the rain. There are outdoor window shutters and interior shutters, and both types can help to protect your home.

WOOD SHUTTERS-wood flooring

Improve Your Home’s Value

Exterior fitted shutters can give a storybook quality to any style of home. Even interior shutters can help to improve the quality and esthetics of your home. This can, in turn, improve your home’s value while also breathing life into any stagnant or otherwise drab rooms.

Get Excellent Deals

At Trend Interiors in Voorhees Township, New Jersey, we offer the best deals on all the latest makes, models, and brands of window shutter treatments. Whether you want wood shutters, vinyl shutters, bamboo or any other type of window treatment, we offer the discounts you need to save while decorating your home.

Shutters Can Be Found at a Store Near You!

You don’t have to go far to find window shutters for any taste and purpose. Whether you’re trying to improve privacy, the look of your home or office, or you simply want stylish window treatments that will last for years, stop into Trend Interiors and browse our extensive inventory.
We can help you pair your home or office with top quality shutters that are sure to suit your style. You can either tell us what types of shutters you’re after or you can show us a picture of your décor to give us a better idea. Our interior decorators are experts are helping our customers find just the style of window shutters they expect.

Interior Shutters

Window shutters that are designed for the inside of the home are divided into narrow units that are hinged to each side of the window casing. This allows the shutters to be opened and then closed, which will then cover the entire window.

Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters typically have a hinge on each side or at the top. The shutters can be closed to protect windows and the home or office from flying debris, sunlight, and to improve security and privacy.

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How to Select the Right Shutters

When it comes to shopping for window shutters, all the styles and colors you may experience can be overwhelming. Here are a few of the most common types of shutters so that you can determine which style and type might fit your home or office decorating needs.

Full Height Shutters

Full Height Shutters

Just like the name implies, these indoor shutters cover the entire height of a window’s opening. These shutter options are considered practical and elegant, and they’ll also help to keep any room well-insulated.
Many home and business owners like that full-height shutters provide additional privacy and even soundproofing.


Plantation Shutters

These versatile window shutters are ideal for any size or type of window. They lend an authentic air to any room and will help to limit natural light while protecting your home and your privacy.


Café Style Shutters

Café style shutters typically cover half the height of the window. However, these window treatments still provide a good bit of privacy, yet some home and business owners appreciate the unobstructed sunlight that shines through the upper half of the window.


Tier on Tier Shutters

Otherwise referred to as double hung shutters, these window shutters offer complete window coverage, yet you can open the slats at the tops and bottoms. This allows for more customization for how you want the light to shine through and what look you’re going for when decorating your home or office.


  • Louver Sizes: 2-1/2 inch, 3-1/2 inch, 4-1/2 inch
  • Available Colors: 3 whites
  • UltraSatin™ finish achieves the look of a painted shutter
  • UltraClearview™ hidden rear tilt – expands view
  • UltraClose™ hidden gear system
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • Will not fade, crack, chip, peel or warp
  • Hand-crafted in the USA
  • Best for Kids™ certified product


  • Louver Sizes: 2-1/2 inch, 3-1/2 inch, 4-1/2 inch
  • Available Colors: 10 paints, 19 stains
  • Handcrafted from the finest kiln dried hardwood
  • Environmentally friendly water-borne finishes with UV inhibitors
  • Rear tilt is available
  • Hand-crafted in the USA

How to Measure Your Windows for Shutters

Shopping for shutters for the home or office requires you to know the size of the windows where the treatments will be installed. The good news is that measuring windows for window shutters is a simple affair.
There are inside mount shutters that fit within the window casing, outside mounts, three section mounts, box bay mounts and curved bay mounts.
Make sure when measuring your window that you use a steel measuring tape for extra accuracy. You’ll want to ensure that you get your measurements exactly right so that your shutters fit snugly as they should.

How to Fit Your Shutters with DIY Installation

Installing shutters inside your home and office will take time and effort. For worry free installation please call our shutters expert and professional for a flawless look. Call us today! (856) 428-2042
For a DIY installation, decide on the type of shutters to ensure it is suitable for your windows or doors. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep in mind that the right shutter panel will usually always overlap the left. This is important when installing so that you don’t have to repeat the process.

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Ask About Installation

Of course, after shopping for top quality window shutters, you can always ask our interior design professionals to install your window shutters for you. We offer 15% off with your first purchase and then we can install your shutters with extreme attention-to-detail.
That means you can save on all your favorite window treatments while getting expert installation that’s designed to last.

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Extended Installation Warranties

When you choose to let Trend Interiors install your window treatments, you can remain confident that all your shutters will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranties. However, by having us install your window shutters, you get to take advantage of our extended two-year warranty on labor.
That’s just another way we help you save and give you peace of mind while offering you top quality window shutters in every style, color, and brand.
If you want to learn more about our warranty options and how to get an extended warranty on your favorite brand of shutters, call us on (856) 428-2042 today and schedule a consultation.

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If you live in and around Voorhees Township, New Jersey, and you’re in the market for new window shutters for the home or office, stop in or call our showroom today.
With so many makes, models, and brands of window shutters, we are sure to find the type and style to match your home or office décor.
If you want to save on top quality shutters and the expert advice of window treatment experts, Trend Interiors is the service to call .
call today and schedule your consultation. Don’t forget to ask about our discounts and extended warranties on all your window shutter needs.